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New Drivers License and DWI Laws...Again.

The Missouri General Assembly cannot stop itself from tinkering with Drivers License laws,especially as they relate to alcohol related driving offenses.  

This year was no different.  Beginning on August 28, 2013, a whole host of new rules that could affect your drivers license will become law.

Missouri Senate Bill 23 contains a number of changes to current DWI laws, Drivers License rules, and traffic rules.  The most interesting development in Senate Bill 23 is the ignition interlock option for first-time DWI offenders.

First time DWI offenders who get hit with an administrative alcohol suspension currently face a 30 day suspension of their driving privileges followed by a 60 day limited driving privilege.  

Senate Bill 23 will allow first-time DWI offenders a way to avoid the 30 day suspension, or "hard walk", if the driver promptly installs an ignition interlock device.  The driver will then receive a 90 day limited driving privilege "permit" instead of an outright 30 day suspension. That's a good thing.  

The legislature finally is starting to understand that people need to drive to go to work, feed their families, and pay their bills.  The ignition interlock device keeps the driver from re-offending, at least temporarily, so its also a win for public safety.  The down side to this new measure is that ignition interlock devices aren't cheap to install and operate.  

Stay tuned into our blog for more information on Senate Bill 23.   
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Austin Bollinger JUNE 6 2013
Hey Gordon, Great blog! I had no idea this was going on. I personally think it's a good idea, aside from the cost, because you're right, people need to drive to get to work. Some people just make a poor decision once and get caught while others make the same mistake over and over. This would help with those one time mistakes.

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