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Erase Your DWI Record!

Making your legal mistakes magically go away is a process called expungement. Expungement is a legal proceeding that allows someone to scrub their criminal record clean if you have ever experienced one of those dreaded "hold my beer" moments. Did you know that records from a D.W.I. arrest, plea or conviction can also be expunged? How is it done?

First, you have to wait 10 years from the date of the guilty plea or conviction.

Second, you can't have any other additional alcohol-related traffic offenses on your record.

Third, it only applies to first-time D.W.I.s and you can only use the D.W.I. expungement process just one time.

Fourth, you're out of luck if you have been issued a commercial driver's license.

If you qualify, Missouri's D.W.I. expungement law allows you to file a petition in the court where the plea or conviction occurred and have all of the official records expunged. The effect of an expungement is to restore the former offender to the legal status they enjoyed prior to to their arrest, plea or conviction. Like it never even happened!


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