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Missouri's New "Good Samaritan" Law: Immunity from Drug Prosecution

A new law took effect in Missouri on August 28, 2017 that will surely save lives. 

Under Missouri's new "Good Samaritan" law, anyone who seeks medical attention for a person who is experiencing a drug overdose or is treated for a drug overdose cannot be arrested, charged, prosecuted, or convicted if any evidence of a drug crime was gained as a result of seeking or obtaining medical assistance for a drug overdose.

If someone in a good faith effort calls 911 for a drug overdose, the people involved, the caller and the person overdosing will not face charges or arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

The purpose of this law is to encourage drug users to get help when someone overdoses without fear of criminal prosecution. Prior to this law, if someone was admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose and still had the drugs on their person, they could be arrested, charged and prosecuted.  

This is smart public policy and lives will be saved as a result.



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