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Sunshine Law Records Request: Traffic Cameras in Cape Girardeau.

 A few weeks ago the Southeast Missourian newspaper ran an article discussing the use of video cameras at various intersections within the city limits of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Some of the information about the use of video recording devices at various intersections in the city was news to me.  

So, in order to learn more about where these video cameras are located, where the data are stored, and who has access to the recorded data, our law firm filed a Sunshine Law records request with the city to get more information. 

Our request was not related to a specific case nor did we suspect that the city was doing anything improper with respect to these traffic cameras.  We filed our request for two reasons.  First, knowing how to get our hands on the recorded data will better help our firm serve our clients when it comes to traffic violations, DWI charges, and automobile accident cases.  Second, we strongly believe that the general public has a right to know where, when, and how government entities use surveillance equipment.

The city cooperated and complied with our Sunshine Law request without hesitation.  For your convenience, you can read all of the records we received at this link.  Please give it a read and drop us a line if you have any questions.



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