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Hot Coffee: Part 2.
This is the second part of our blog post about the famous (infamous?) McDonald's Hot Coffee Case.  You can read Part 1 here. So the hot coffee case against McDonald's proceeded to trial.  The evidence at trial showed that McDonald’s corporate headquarters required its franchisees to hold the temperature of their coffee between 180-190 degrees, fahrenheit of course.   At such high temperatures, coffee causes third degree burns immediately and is not fit for human consumptio... Read More
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 A few weeks ago the Southeast Missourian newspaper ran an article discussing the use of video cameras at various intersections within the city limits of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Some of the information about the use of video recording devices at various intersections in the city was news to me.   So, in order to learn more about where these video cameras are located, where the data are stored, and who has access to the recorded data, our law firm filed a Sunshine Law reco... Read More
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