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First bit of advice:  Don’t drink and drive.  If you have had anything to drink, get a ride. Call a cab. Check out Uber or CarGO.  Take the shoe leather express if you have to. That being said, people make mistakes. No one plans on getting arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. Most of the time, many of our clients who get charged with DWI have never before run afoul of the law. In fact, approximately 80% of those who do get a DWI, never get charged with a second of... Read More
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Like it or not, modern technology has made it easier and more convenient than ever to take photographs, record conversations, and videotape events.  All smart-phones now come equipped with digital audio, video, and photography applications.  With all technological revolutions (devices that can record events and put them on the internet social in real-time are revolutionary), we lose and we gain.  We lose some privacy.  But we gain the ability to protect ourselves from authori... Read More
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