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So you’ve filed bankruptcy and had many of your debts discharged in bankruptcy. Now what? There is no doubt that filing bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit. However, there are steps you can take after filing bankruptcy that will help rebuild your credit quickly, and help you avoid the circumstances that force many people into financial dire straits. First, monitor your credit reports to ensure accurate reporting. Sometimes creditors inadvertently misreport debts, paymen... Read More
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There was a lot of buzz recently about the possibility of the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers being lowered to .05%.  The recommendation for lowering the BAC limit to .05% came from a new study published by National Transportation Safety Board.   The study and its recommendations do no carry the force of law but can carry a lot of weight with state legislatures and law enforcement.  I reviewed the study and compiled some of the more interesting information below: L... Read More
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The Missouri General Assembly cannot stop itself from tinkering with Drivers License laws,especially as they relate to alcohol related driving offenses.   This year was no different.  Beginning on August 28, 2013, a whole host of new rules that could affect your drivers license will become law. Missouri Senate Bill 23 contains a number of changes to current DWI laws, Drivers License rules, and traffic rules.  The most interesting development in Senate Bill 23... Read More
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