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Missouri's New Gun Laws: Do You Still Need A CCW Permit?

The State of Missouri enacted some big changes to its' firearms laws in 2016 as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 656.  As of January 1, 2017, Missouri is now a "Constitutional Carry" state.  "Constitutional Carry" generally refers to one's right to carry a firearm in an "open" or concealed fashion without first obtaining a permit from the State.

Should Missourians Still Get CCW Permits?

The answer to this question depends on where you intend to carry your firearm.  If you intend to travel outside of Missouri with your firearm, it would be wise to obtain or keep your CCW permit as there is virtually no reciprocity for constitutional carry in other states.  Getting a CCW permit still offers the maximum amount flexibility and legal protection both within Missouri and while traveling through other states.

Another potential pitfall for those who choose to forego a permit and opt for the constitutional carry route is the fact that many Missouri municipalities still prohibit "open carry" carry within their city limits.  Although, the Missouri General Assembly has acted to preempt any and all firearms laws and regulations within the state, municipal governments were afforded an exception: Cities and towns can still prohibit open carry within their limits.

Places Where You Still Cannot Carry

Even though the right to carry in Missouri has been greatly expanded, firearm owners are still restricted from carrying firearms, open or concealed, in a large number of locations.  Click here for the full list of places where you still cannot carry a firearm, with or without a permit. As always, some exceptions apply.

If you own firearms, it is vital that you stay up on the ever-changing gun laws in Missouri and around the country.  A mistake could easily result in criminal charges.  Please check our blog again soon as we will continue to write more about Senate Bill 656 and other changes to Missouri's firearms laws in the near future.   Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact one of our attorneys if you have any legal questions or concerns.



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