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Big Win for Glaus & Gohn LC in the Missouri Court of Appeals!

Glaus & Gohn LC, Attorney Adam E. Gohn scored a major victory for a personal injury client this week in the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District.

Our client filed a personal injury lawsuit against Defendants Drury Southwest, Inc., DSW Industries, Inc., and Drury Hotels Company, Inc., after he suffered physical injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident on the Defendant's property in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Our lawsuit further alleges that on January 19, 2012, our client slipped and fell on liquid left on the bathroom floor and that the Defendants knew or should have known that anyone entering the bathroom would be exposed to the dangers of the substance left on the floor.

Our firm appealed a trial court’s summary judgment in favor of Defendants on our client's personal injury lawsuit over a slip and fall accident on Drury’s property.  The trial court incorrectly ruled that there was insufficient evidence that would lead a judge or jury to find fault with the Defendants.  We disagreed and we appealed. And we won.

Now that the Court of Appeals has reversed the trial court's summary judgment ruling, the case will now move forward.  You can read all about our client's big win here.


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Jackie Wilson AUGUST 5 2017
Hey Gordon I had the same thing happen to me kind of at a Drury property when I worked at Att when the building was owned by Drury. They had sand and rocks on the side walk and steps which made more than just me to fall except I knocked myself out and had to go to hospital. I was told at the time I couldn't make Drury pay my medical because I was off work and I was told not to raise much stink because I could lose my job at Att I tell you that to say congrats because Drury thinks they are untouchable.

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